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Amnon Shor immigrated to the United States from Israel in 1980. He set forth to live the American Dream where he married, raised his family, started his own business, and pursued his faith.

Amnon has watched our freedoms diminish, our highways and freeways fall into disrepair, the uncontrolled influx of illegal immigration, and rampant crime. Today, California appears less and less like the ideal, prosperous state of its early years here.


However, Shor believes that we can get our state back on the right track. He has always fought for what he believes in and as our state declines, Amnon is ready to fight for California.


California Republican Party

Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy

State Senator Shannon Grove

Merced County Supervisor Lloyd Pareira

California Pro Life Council PAC

Madera County Republican Party

Merced County Republican Assembly

Fresno County Republican Party

The American Council

*Partial List


WATER - Provide for our Global Agribusiness Industry

PRO LIFE - Protect the Unborn Children

SAFETY - Fight Crime and Support Law Enforcement