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Born in Israel, Amnon Shor immigrated to the United States in 1980 following the woman he fell in love with. Shortly after, he married his wife Lynette, and together they have three children and seven grandchildren. They decided to settle in California and call it home. Shor began working in the jewelry business, owning his own wholesale and retail operations. In 1986 the family moved to Fresno, to pursue a passion for Arabian horses and bought a ranch for that purpose in the beautiful Central Valley.


Throughout his life, Shor was instilled with the conservative values that we all cherish. At an early age, he learned what it means to serve others and to serve a greater purpose. Shor served in the Israeli Defense Forces, where he defended his country during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.


In the early 90s, Shor went back to school to further his education in religious study, starting a new path by founding a congregation in 2004. He has served as the senior Rabbi until the present. He has, and continues to travel the world helping to advise religious institutions in other countries, and helping individuals in authoritarian countries to find religious freedom and practice their faith freely. Shor’s experiences have led him to an incredible appreciation of this country and our freedoms. He came to the United States with a dream, to raise a family, start his own business, pursue his faith, and help others pursue theirs.


Following this journey, he has lived in the Central Valley for decades. During this time, he has watched our great state deteriorate before our very eyes. From observing our freedoms diminish, our highways and freeways fall into disrepair, the uncontrolled influx of illegal immigration, and rampant crime. Today, California appears less and less like the ideal, prosperous state of its early years here. However, Shor believes that we can get our state back on the right track. He has always fought for what he believes in – from serving his home country of Israel in the Special Forces to fighting to give religious freedom to those in need across the globe. Now, he is ready to step up again and fight for the values and needs of the Central Valley.


Join Amnon Shor TODAY, and together we can get California moving in the right direction again!


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