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Honor the Lord

We Serve and Honor the Lord

Everything we do and say in our campaign as in our lives, is in service of the Lord.  We’ll seek his pulse in everything we do and for every person we meet.  Ours will be a campaign of blessings, and we pray that we leave our district and our valley better for our efforts.


Economy and Inflation 

The citizens and businesses of California are over taxed and our government spends too much.  Current state leadership believes there is no limit to what can be taxed and how much money can be spent.  They are constantly looking for more ways to raise and spend money, placing burdens on our economy that are dragging us down.  This kills opportunity and jobs.  Our state can’t survive when only the public sector is growing.  We are beginning to see the effects of these terrible policies as our state population is shrinking for the first time in our history, and we have lost a Congressional Seat and an Electoral College vote because of this population reduction.


If we don’t change these policies, we will destroy our beautiful California much faster than our prior generations built it.  We must return California to prominence as a business friendly state by reducing taxes and regulations.  We must first act by eliminating absolute Democrat party rule in this state by increasing the number of Republicans in the Senate.  Then we can act to return more conservative leadership to our state.  Amnon Shor will work every day to reduce costs of living including pressing for the elimination of California’s exorbitant gas tax, which forces us to live with the most expensive transportation costs in the nation.

Agriculture and Water

It’s time that leadership stops giving our farmers lip service instead of solutions.  Farming and the production of food is a critical infrastructure and national security asset.  Our infrastructure was built by visionaries to accommodate 20M people, but now we have nearly twice that population.  Our leaders claim to have budgeted for new storage, but they encourage their environmentalist allies to use any means to indefinitely delay these critical projects.  Further, it is not clear where these budgeted funds are being held.  We must locate these funds and make certain they are deployed as promised.


Shor will lead California to take advantage of technologies like desalination which are wetting some of the driest lands on our planet, we border the Pacific Ocean after all.  We must reform water allocation to put our critical farming first and not last.  We must lead the charge to increase the costs for those who stand in the way of bringing more water to our farms.

Amnon Shor brings a unique skill set and reputation of bringing people together and helping erase divides. This is crucial in governance. Respect must be part of the equation and brought back into our mix.

Crime and Public Safety

No one can honestly say that recent Democrat led leniency on crime has made our neighborhoods safer.  We are experiencing the largest crime wave in anyone’s memory, and all of our communities are suffering.  We need to change now, and enforce real consequences for bringing harm to our citizens.  We must pressure District Attorneys to enforce the law and not reduce serious crimes to minor infractions.  We must also recognize that more resources for  correctional facilities not only keep our streets safer, but provide more opportunity for those looking to reform and succeed with second chances.  We will engage our faith communities and leverage their records of success to help us improve our correctional rehab.


During the Covid-19 shutdowns, we got a very close firsthand look at the education of our children, and it was even worse than we had feared.  Our schools are not successfully teaching what our children need to build the future.  Our curriculums have been infested with teaching our kids that they are different from each other and corruption of our history.  We intend to promote curriculums that teach all sides and promote critical thinking and open and honest dialogue. 

Further, we need to make certain the immense educational budget spent by our state is devoted first to our children.  Our teachers should be rewarded for excellence, and administrative budgets should be paired so these other priorities will be met.


Firstly, few people of good will can accept the growing homeless encampments choking our cities and even our rural areas.  This must end immediately.  There is no honor in allowing this to continue. We need to start by removing people from the streets and providing treatment for the addicted and the mentally ill.  We need to use the vast geography of our state to establish programs outside our population centers modeling successful efforts in our faith communities.  All new construction of homes and facilities must focus on cost effectiveness instead of political patronage.  We must yield the greatest value for all resources devoted to home building and development. 

Pro Life


We follow the God of Life.  We can never support anything that destroys life.  Our position will never change.  But as importantly, we must always do everything possible to support life.  We will move to provide funds to encourage the preservation of life.

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